Nike, Summer 18

concept, creative direction

Responding to Nike’s seasonal brand positioning of “Believe. Just Do It.”, we took a localized perspective, honing in on where self-belief and budding passions first start, at home. Our creative concept: Greatness born in the neighborhood. 

We chose to shoot Summer in Uruguay’s vibrant capital city, Montevideo, where South-of-the-Equator sunshine floods over colorful architecture, community is paramount and football is king. Embracing the local streets and pitches that make athletes and the seaside parks where people gather to create and play. Celebrating the hometown hero and their journey to the world stage. 

placement:, nike app, nike retail


Project Context: Repeating four times a year, this body of work establishes a baseline voice through imagery and storytelling that reinforces Nike’s seasonal brand point of view. It is the globally directed look of Nike for the season, obsessing product fidelity, style and performance authenticity. Serving 70% of Nike digital and retail channels and partner/wholesale needs. 

I lead this project creatively from concept to final execution; including location scouting, creative partner selection, casting, styling direction, production, on-set art direction, selects process, post-production and channel execution.

Photography by Benjamin Lennox, Jake Jones, Jerry Buttles

Motion by Brandon Kuzma, Bob Hoste

MAKEUP by Zenia Jaeger

HAIR by Amy Farid, Ben Jones

Production by La Casa FILMS