Ten Readers



6 designers (Jon Gacnik, Henri Lucas, Johanna Kozma, Brian Roettinger, Gail Swanlund & Jessica Wen-Di Tan) started the Summer & Winter Reader with its first release in the Summer of 2011. Each of these designers make a publication on an individually chosen topic and produce this publication in an amount of 100.  Topics discussed in the readers are Love, Sex, Lost & Found, Butter, Space, Ian Curtis, Hair, Bed, Songs & Music, Punctuation, Nest, Offerings and much more.

The six publications are compiled in a package, numbered and then sold for the symbolic gesture of $6 ($1/publication). The group has pledged to make 2 readers twice a year, for 5 years. 10 publications total.

Ten Reader have launched at the Broad Art Center at UCLA, Machine Project, Gary Leonard Gallery, The Public School Los Angeles.