Incase, The Leaf 

 Editorial Direction, Design 


Since its founding in 1997, Incase has sat at the intersection of technology and design becoming the pinnacle lifestyle brand for the creative class. A product line that started with a backpack has evolved to meet the needs of today’s creatives, crossing the lines of art, music and sport. 

To build on an already rich heritage, we launched Incase’s first brand magazine, The Leaf. A bi-annual publication featuring product innovation stories and editorial features such as interviews, photo stories, travel guides, playlists and more. 

translated and distributed globally


Vol.1, Fall 15 - the Collaboration issue

144 pages, printed in Los Angeles


Vol.1 takes a look at Incase’s history through the lens of product, collaborations, key cultural moments. Vol.1 was launched at the Incase Tech Retrospect pop-up and exhibit at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles.

VOL.2, FALL 16 - west coast

100 pages, printed in Los Angeles


Vol.2 takes a tour along the West Coast, meeting creatives and learning about their personal practices and sources of inspiration. Includes: interviews with artists Tofer Chin and Eric Trine; playlist by skateboarder and musician, Ray Barbee; profile on photography Todd Glaser; illustrations by Alex Despain. 


Project Context: Under my direction Vol.1 and Vol.2 of the Leaf were written, shot, designed and published.

Contributors & Collaborators: Tofer Chin (artist), Gabriel Flores (photographer), Ray Barbee (photograper, skateboarder), Todd Glaser (photographer), Christine Marie Hicks (photographer), Ryan Patterson (art director and architect), Alex Despain (illustrator), Mighty Kills (photographer)

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